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Sole Support Soft Medium

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Pads to give instant relief to many common hoof ailments in horses
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DJM Sole Support pads can be safely used to give instant relief to many common hoof ailments in horses, but especially

  • Laminitis
  • Punctured sole
  • Infections
  • Foot abscess
  • Pre or post surgery
  • Foot soreness
  • Heel soreness
  • Sole pressure related issues
  • Barefoot trimmers
  • Travelling long distances



DJM Sole Support pads are available in 3 sizes to fit most horses (Medium = 13 x 15 cm, Large = 15 x 17 cm). Don’t worry if the pad is slightly larger than required. If there is an excess hanging over , it can be used for a rolled toe , or to cover the bulbs of the heel.The pad is available in “soft” or “firm” , with the softer compound more suitable for the very tender footed horse.

Follow the instructions

It is important to follow the instruction sheet or video demonstration. First time users should not rush or panic ; you have plenty of time to apply the pad before it sets. Be sure to have a clean environment to work in, and a solid surface free from debris for the horse to stand on .

Opening the bag

Once the bag is open , the pad will begin to set. Apply the pad immediately , and allow the horse to stand for 10 minutes , and then securely bandage the hoof. Curing times may vary in different climates, but generally the pad cures in 5 to 8 minutes . Water can be used to accelerate the curing time to approximately 5 minutes . However , first time users of the DJM Sole Support pads are not encouraged to use the quicker curing times until you are completely confident using the product.

Washing the pad

Once the pad has formed its shape , it will not alter. It is 100% breathable and can be washed safely an warm salty water and allowed to dry naturally . We recommend the pad be cleaned every 24 hours, in the case of a discharging hoof infection or if the the soft tissue is exposed. Use warm salty water and a brush to clean off all foreign bodies or any discharge . The pad may be reapplied wet. Alternatively , the pad can be dried naturally or you may use a hairdryer to gently dry the pad more quickly .


Providing your horse is comfortable , your horse may resume gentle exercise whilst wearing the pads , so long as the pads are securely bandaged or a boot is applied .

Length of wear

The pads can be left on for up to several days at a time . However , if there is a discharging wound , the pad should be removed , cleaned thoroughly and reapplied every 24 hours. We recommend a fresh pad should be fitted after 2 weeks . The length of time a pad may take to wear out , depends on whether the horse is shod or barefoot . Mostly the pads wear at the toe first . The pad can still be used so long as the pad is still supporting the frog and the sole 

How To Apply Sole Support from Mike Anthony on Vimeo.

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