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Copper Plus 1 kg

Equine America
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Supplementary animal feed

Supplemental copper and Vitamin B12
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Equine America - Copper Plus Powder 1 kg

To support dietary copper levels.

Copper, which is present in all body cells, aids in the absorption and utilisation of iron, for blood cell production.
Copper is also necessary for several enzymes involved in the vital processes, as well as regulating the normal hair pigmentation.
Horses are very tolerant of copper but over supplementation can interfere with the absorption of zinc and iron.  

A lack of copper can show as anaemia, poor growth, hair depigmentation, weight loss and some bone disorders.  

If you are concerned that your horses are suffering from any of these symptoms, seek veterinary advice, as these symptoms may be a result of a condition unrelated to a copper deficiency. The recommended serving conforms to the EU limits for Copper supplementation.

Available in 1kg (a 50 day supply at maintenance)

More Information
Registration numberSupplement
BrandEquine America
Chilled itemNo
Target speciesHorse
Expiry dateDec 7, 2022
Units per outer box0

Instructions for use

Feeding Directions: For horses and large ponies; 20g per day. For smaller ponies; 15g per day.
Do not exceed 20g per day unless under professional advice. 20g (approx) measure enclosed

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