Zoletil 100 (500 mg)

Zoletil 100 (500 mg)
Nr. 10013
Combination of tiletamine hypochloride and zolazepam hypochloride Read more



Zoletil 100 contains 250 mg tiletamine in powder (as hydrochloride) and 250 mg zolazepam in powder (as hydrochloride) per vial and 5 ml of solvent is sterile water for injection. After the addition of these 5 ml of sterile liquid to the powder the solution contains 100 mg / ml.


Anesthesia and sedation

Dosage and route of administration:

Dog: i.v. Cat : i.m. or i.v. Other species: im.

Dosage : Dog: Sedation 5 mg / kg , appeasement for research, minor surgery , short anesthesia 7.5 mg / kg , more extensive procedures 10 mg / kg.
Cat , i.v. : sedation for research , sedation 5 mg / kg , larger operations 7.5 mg / kg .
Cat, i.m. : sedation for research , sedation 10 mg / kg, more extensive procedures 15 mg / kg.
Laboratory Animals, beef, deer and exotic species not intended for human consumption: extended dosing table on request .

The anesthesia may be prolonged by repeated injections amounting to 1/3-1/2 of the initial dosage.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 10013
Tax Class 21%
Brand Virbac
Active Ingredient Per vial: 250 mg tiletamine and 250 mg zolazepam
Target Species Dogs, cats, laboratory animals
Registrationnumber REG NL 115916
Kanalisatie UDD