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Xylased 5x500mg + 1 x solvent (10 ml)

Bioveta AS
Expiry date:
Xylazinum. Immobilization and sedation of freely moving animals with a narcotizing shot, premedication before general anaesthesia.
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Cattle: Sedation, myorelaxation and analgesia at small surgeries; premedication before general anaesthesia.
Horse: sedation and myorelaxation; premedication before general anaesthesia
Red deer, fallow deer, roe deer: Immobilization and sedation of freely moving animals with a narcotizing shot; premedication before general anaesthesia.

Do not administer to animals with cardiovascular and pulmonary insufficiencies and failures and to hypotensive animals.
Do not administer to animals in a shock. Do not administer to animals with renal insufficiency, urinary tract obstructions and to dehydrated animals.
Do not administer to cattle, fallow deer, red deer and roe deer with reticulum dysfunctions, GIT motility failure and metabolic acidosis.
Do not administer to cows in the last trimester of pregnancy. Administration of xylazine to a pregnant cow in the last phase of pregnancy can induce a spontaneous parturition or abortion.

Adverse reactions:
Bradycardia, reversible arrhythmia (especially in horses) and hypotension, bradypnoea to respiratory arrest.
Inhibited regulation of body temperature. Hyperaemia, especially in red deer, fallow deer, and roe deer.
Paradox excitation (at higher doses). Hyperglycaemia and polyuria with glycosuria (except horses).
Reversible local irritation at intramuscular administration. Increased salivation, inhibited motility of forestomachs, tympanites, inability to move the tongue, regurgitation in ruminants.
Uterus contractions in cattle. Changes in blood picture and biochemical parameters.

More Information
Registration numberCascade
BrandBioveta AS
Chilled itemNo
Active IngredientXylazine
Target speciesCattle, Fallow deer, Horse, Red deer, Roe deer
Legal status of supplyPOM
Withdrawal periodNiet te gebruiken voor paarden voor humane consumptie
Expiry dateMay 24, 2023
Units per outer box0

Statement of the active substances and other ingredients:
A) Lyophilizate
Active substance: xylazinum (ut Xylazini hydrochloridum) 500 mg
B) Solvent 
Water for injection

Composition after reconstitution
lyophilizate + 2 ml solvent – 250 mg/ml Xylazinum (ut Xylazini hydrochloridum)
(25% solution)

lyophilizate + 5 ml solvent – 100 mg/ml Xylazinum (ut Xylazini hydrochloridum)
(10% solution)

lyophilizate + 10 ml solvent – 50 mg/ml Xylazinum (ut Xylazini hydrochloridum)
(5% solution)

Xylased 500 mg is a lyophilizate for solution for injection with solvent.
The lyophilizate has a porous structure and a white or off-white colour.
A clear, colourless solution will be produced after reconstitution.

Instructions for use

The product may be prepared in 3 different concentrations (5%, 10%, 25%), using different amounts of solvent (10 ml, 5 ml, 2 ml). Dissolve the lyophilizate in a quantity of solvent according to the required concentration of solution.

5% and 10% solutions are recommended for injection applications, 25% solution for a narcotizing shot.

Always measure in a syringe a respective volume of solvent for the reconstitution of lyophilizate:

10 ml of solvent to prepare 5% solution
5 ml of solvent to prepare 10% solution
2 ml of solvent to prepare 25% solution

Shake the vial content well during dissolving. The lyophilizate is dissolved within three minutes and a clear solution is produced.

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