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Xilagesic 20% 20 ml

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ES: 692 ESP

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Xylacine 200 mg/ml
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Xylacine 200 mg/ml


Sedative with analgesic action and muscle relaxant. It produces a state of sedation accompanied by a short period of analgesia.

Dosage and administration

- Cattle: IM 5-30 mg / 100 kg b.w. (equivalent to 0.025 - 0. 15 ml of XILAGESIC 20% / 100 kg b.w.)
- Horses: 60-100 mg IV / 100 kg b.w. (equivalent to 0, 3-0, 5 ml of XILAGESIC 20% / 100 kg b.w.).
- Cats: IM 3 mg / kg b.w. (equivalent to 0.015 ml of 20% XILAGESIC / kg p.v). 
- Dogs: IM 1-3 mg / kg b.w. (equivalent to 0, 005-0, 015 ml of 20% XILAGESIC / kg p.v).

Xylacine 200 mg/ml
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