Wind Aid syringe 30 ml

Wind Aid syringe 30 ml
Wind Aid syringe 30 ml
Nr. 66092
For restricted/swollen air passages: bronchial congestion, throat irritation Read more


Glycerine, fructose.  

Wind Aid offers temporary relief of equine bronchial congestion, minor throat irritation, allergies, and wind problems.. Use Wind Aid Breathing Aid when your horse has: Seasonal allergies, respiratory track problems, coughs.

For minor wind problems, administer two ounces orally with dose syringe two hours prior to exercise or racing. For equine bronchial congestion with minor wind problems, give two ounces orally two or three times daily. For competition horses, begin administering 2 ounces orally, twice a day, for three to five days before the event.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 66092
Tax Class 9%
Brand Hawthorne
Active Ingredient Glycerine, fructose.
Target Species horses
Units per outerbox 12