Vitamin E and Selenium 1000 g

Equine America
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Supplementary animal feed

To support healthy muscle function
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Equine America - Vitamin E and Selenium 1000 g

Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin, and plays a vital role in many important functions in the body including the immune system,
reproduction and the correct functioning of nerves and muscles. One of its major roles is as an antioxidant.

Selenium is an important trace element. It plays vital roles in the correct functioning of the immune system, and is a key component of a number of selenoproteins.
However, its best known role is as an antioxidant, working in combination with vitamin E, in both independent and overlapping roles.

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Nr. EA237-UK
Registration number Supplement
Brand Equine America
Chilled No
Target species Horse
Withdrawal period 0 days
Batch 208905
Expiry date Sep 12, 2021
Units per outer box 0

Instructions for use

Feeding Directions: For 500-650kg horse; 15g per day. For 300-450kg pony; 12g per day. 15g (approx) measure enclosed.
Do not exceed 15g per day unless under professional advice.

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