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Equine America
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Additonal quality Vitamin C
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Equine America - Vitamin C 2000 Powder 1 kg

Vitamin C is involved in the transfer of iron and is vital to the normal formation of collagen, an essential structure of skin and connective tissue.
Horses synthesise their own Vitamin C and this, along with Vitamin C gained through green leafy forage, is normally considered sufficient. However, your veterinary surgeon will be able to advise if additional Vitamin C is necessary.

Vitamin C Powder is a complementary feeding stuff  for horses. It is a dietary supplement specially formulated to provide vitamin C that may be lacking in the horse’s diet.

Vitamin C Powder contains: Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Dextrose, Ascorbic Acid, Vegetable Oil, preserved with Ammonium Propionate.

The recommended daily dose is 14 grams for an average 500 kg horse. Vitamin C powder should be mixed with the horse’s regular feed. Feed others according to body weight, less for smaller horses and ponies, more for larger breeds. A 14 gram measure by weight is enclosed. For animal use only!

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Nr. EA236-UK
Registration number Supplement
Brand Equine America
Chilled No
Target species Horse
Withdrawal period 0 days
Batch 205309
Expiry date Aug 13, 2021
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Instructions for use

Feeding Directions: For 500kg horse; 15g per day. Maximum; 15g per day. 15g (approx) measure enclosed.
Do not exceed 15g per day unless under professional advice.

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