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Viscoseal 10 ml

TRB Chemedica
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Sodium hyaluronate 0.5 % as a synovial fluid substitute.
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To relieve pain, improve mobility and promote joint recovery by flushing out irrigating solution and substituting the synovial fluid following arthroscopic procedures or joint lavage.


1 ml isotonic solution contains 5.0 mg sodium hyaluronate from fermentation, sodium chloride, disodium phosphate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate and water for injections.

Dosage and administration

 Viscoseal is a pre-filled syringe in a steriel pack for single use. The contents and the outer surface of the Viscoseal pre-filled syringe are sterile as long as the sterile pack remains unbroken. Viscoseal should be used at the end of the arthroscopy after completion of the normal irrigating procedure. Take the pre-filled syringe out of the sterile pack. Remove the cap, attach a suitable needle and secure it by turning slightly. Alternatively, the pre-filled syringe may be placed directly into a portal in the joint. Remove any air bubble, if present, before introduction. Introduce Viscoseal into the joint cavity. The introduction of Viscoseal into the joint cavity will help to displace any remaining irrigation solution.

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