Foal milk 10kg

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  • Foal milk 10kg
Foal milk 10kg
Nr. PAV91610
An excellent alternative to mare’s milk Read more



Pavo FoalMilk is an excellent replacement for mare’s milk, for orphan foals or foals whose mothers are not producing enough milk. Mare’s milk has a special composition with a high sugar content. Cow’s milk is very different from mare’s milk, which makes it less suitable for foals. Pavo FoalMilk is geared to the specific composition of mare’s milk and so provides for the needs of orphan foals. Foals reared on Pavo FoalMilk develop normally and are a match for foals that run with the mare.

Important characteristics

complete mare’s milk replacement
specially formulated for horses
easy to use


Preparation Tips:

- Do not prepare more foal milk than the quantity you need for 12 hours
- We recommend re-heating the already prepared foal milk or keeping it warm "au bainmarie". The "au bain marie" method is heating something in or above warm water.Take a large pan or bowl with a minimum content of 1liter and put this in or above alarger pan with hot water. The "au bain marie" method prevents curdling or scorching.
- The foal milk can also be re-heated in a microwave. 

Preparing 1 liter of foal milk: (1 liter = 1000 ml)

Take a pan with a content of at least 1 liter
Put 300 ml cold water in the pan
Add 400 ml boiling water, which will give you 700 ml water with a temperature of about 60 °C
Add 1 scoop (= 100 grams) of Pavo Foal Milk powder and stir until completely dissolved
Add 300 ml cold water while stirring.
This results in 1 liter of hand-warm foal milk (temperature about 40 °C)

Pavo Foal Milk has a shelf-life of one year. 


Vitamin levels (per kg): Vitamin A 37.500 IE, Vitamin D3 6000 IE, Vitamin E 100 mg, Vitamin B1 8 mg, Vitamin B2 10 mg, Vitamin B6 6 mg, Vitamin B12 30 mcg, Choline 250 mg 

Minerals and trace elements (per kg): Calcium 0,9 %, Phosphorus 0,7 %, Sodium 0,7 %, Potassium 1,5 %, Magnesium 0,1 %, Copper 8 mg, Iron 95 mg, Zinc 50 mg, Manganese 30 mg, Selenium 300 mcg, Iodine 1,5 mg

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU PAV91610
Tax Class 9%
Brand Pavo
Route of Administration Oral
Active Ingredient Foal milk
Withdrawal period None
Target Species Foals
Quantity 10 kg