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Vetidral solution 1ltr

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Supplementary animal feed

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Additional electrolyte intakes in case of severe sweating in horses.
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Vetidral Solution 1L

VETIDRAL is a complementary feed formulated by AUDEVARD Laboratories. It is designed to provide horses with additional nutrition and electrolytes in the event of heavy perspiration.


The VETIDRAL formula contains electrolytes in proportions identical to those found in sweat, in order to make up for losses. It also provides prebiotics to stimulate electrolyte replacement and absorption.

More Information
Registration numberSupplement
Chilled itemNo
Target speciesHorse
Route of administrationOral
Withdrawal period0 days
Expiry dateJun 30, 2022
Units per outer box6

Composition for 50 g Sodium (chloride) 16.5 g, Sodium (Citrate) 1.5 g, Magnesium (sulfate) 0.7 g, Calcium (gluconate) 1.6 g, 5.6 g Potassium, Glycine 6 0 g, Vitamin C 2.0 g, 1.5 g FOS, Vehicle lactose, dextrose qsp


Additives per liter Oligo-elementen: E4 koper (chelaat) 150 mg.Analytische bestanddelen: vocht 73,7 %, ruw eiwit 2,7 %, ruw vet 0,20 %, as 21,3 %, ruwe celstof 0,10 %, natrium 7%, citroenzuur 1%

Instructions for use

Daily allowance: Administer 1 level measure of powder per day, mixed into the horse’s feed, for 1 to 3 days. The quantities may be doubled in the event of very hot weather or particularly intense exercise. Ensure water is always available.


1 L container - Sufficient for up to 20 days' use.

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