Vertargil Paste green clay 360 g paste

Vertargil Groene Leem
Vertargil Paste green clay 360 g paste
Nr. 66048
Natural clay for strains, sprains, tendons, ligament injuries and all inflamatory processes Read more



Green clay contains healing minerals such as aluminium oxide, aluminium, iron, silicon, calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium, as well as trace elements of hydrogen, titanium, chlorine, phosphorus, carbon, manganese and sulphur. It is rich in enzymes that stimulate the absorption of minerals and vitamins. 

The high level of silicic acid is beneficial for the interstitial tissue, hair, nails and low blood pressure. 


Green clay is used external in cases of thick legs, wounds and to protect the skin of the tail and mane. 
Use on wounds and damaged skin is not without risk and be used with care. If the clay remains to long waste from the wound can "set within" and cause an infection. The clay should never be longer than 12 hours on the area, the hardened clay should then be removed. 

Directions of use

Apply directly to the skin or wound, approximately 0.5-1 cm thick

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 66048
Tax Class 21%
Brand Vertargil
Route of Administration Topical
Active Ingredient green clay, lavender oil, tea tree oil, linalool, limonene
Target Species Dogs, horses

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