Thioveol 50 ml

Thioveol 50 ml
Nr. M067
Symptomatic treatment of respiratory disorders. Read more


Thioveol 50ml

Helps maintain normal respiratory function

In horses not intended for human use.
Symptomatic treatment of respiratory disorders.

Route of administation and dosage
By intramuscular or intravenous injection.
4,8 mg thenioc acid per kg bodyweight the first day, then 3,6mg/kg per kg bodyweight the following two days, the equivalent of 20ml solution per horse on the first day, then 15 ml per horse ont the two following days.

Withdrawal period
In the absence of a MRL, this medicinal product is intended solely for horses declared < not for human comsumption > on their passport (ID book)


Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU M067
Tax Class 9%
Brand Audevard
Route of Administration Intramuscular of intravenous
Active Ingredient 2-Thenoic acid 9,55 g
Withdrawal period Do not administer to horses whose milk or meat are destined for human consumption
Target Species Horses
Registrationnumber Cascade
Units per outerbox 12