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Thiopental 1.0 g 20 ml

Rapid-onset short-acting barbiturate for general anaesthesia
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Thiopental Sodium 1 g / vial


Administered intravenously, Thiopental Injection B.P. produces general anaesthesia of short duration. Thiopental Injection B.P. is indicated for the induction of general anaesthesia of short duration; it is also used as an adjunct for control of convulsive disorders of various aetiology, including those caused by local anaesthetics.

Dosage and administration

Thiopental Injection B.P. is administered intravenously as a 2.5% w/v (500 mg in 20 ml) solution. On occasion it may be administered as a 5% w/v solution (500 mg in 10 ml). The obtained solution for intravenous injection should be used immediately; any remaining portion of the content should be discarded. Thiopental sodium injection is usually administered as a 2.5% solution. The content of the vial should be dissolved in 20 ml Water for injection.

More Information
Registration numberHuman
Chilled itemNo
Active IngredientThiopental
Legal status of supplyPOM
Route of administrationIntravenous Injection (IV)
Units per outer box10
Ingredients Thiopental Sodium 1 g / vial
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