Tegaderm Foam Adhesive 13,9 cm x 13,9 cm

Tegaderm Foam Adhesive 13,9 cm x 13,9 cm
Nr. 999558
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Foam dressing with adhesive border for a perfect fit. 3M Tegaderm Foam Adhesive is a thin, highly absorbent foam dressing with super absorbent and moisture -controlling layer for mild to highly exuding wounds. 


- weakly to heavily exuding, superficial to deep wounds
- Leg ulcers of various origins, such as venous, arterial, mixtum / decubitus ulcers / diabetic foot / 1st and 2nd degree burns / donor sites / place and abrasions / neuropathic ulcers

Wearing time up to 7 days

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 999558
Tax Class 9%
Brand 3M
Kanalisatie VRIJ