SynVet-50 Syringe 2,5 ml 20 mg/ml

SynVet-50 Syringe 2,5 ml 20 mg/ml
SynVet-50 Syringe 2,5 ml 20 mg/ml
Nr. 42113
Hyaluronate Sodium 20 mg/ml solution for intra-articular injection for horses Read more



Hyaluronate Sodium 20 mg/ml


The active substance in Synvet-50 Hyaluronate Sodium, is procduced by a bacterial fermentation process. SynVet-50 Hyaluronate Sodium, is extrated from the capsule of Streptococcus spp. and purified, resulting in a form which is free of protein, pyrogen and nucleic acids. Hyaluronate sodium is the sodium salt of Hyaluronic acid, a non-sulphated acid mucopolysaccharide or glycosaminoglycan of high molecular weight composed of equimolar amounts of D-glucuronic acid and N-acetylglu-cosamine linked together by glycosidic bonds.


For intra-articular treatment of lameness caused by joint dysfunction associated with non infectious synovitis in horses.Do not use in case of joint infections

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SKU (Número de Referencia) 42113
Clase impositiva 9%
marca Equimed
Route of Administration Intraarticular
Active Ingredient Hyaluronate Sodium 20 mg/ml
Withdrawal period 0 days
Animals Horses
Registrationnumber REG NL 113383
Units per outerbox 6

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