Super So Kalm Paste 3 x 10 ml

Equine America
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For a calm and focused round
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Equine America - Super So Kalm Paste 3 x 10 ml
Super So-Kalm Paste is a concentrated form for more rapid support.
Administer a minimum of 10ml 2 hours prior to event before the adrenalin is pumping, (better to use a little more than not enough).

Available in 908g powder for daily use (a one month supply at maintenance) or in an easy to administer 30ml paste (3 x 10ml servings)


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Nr. EA693
Registration number Supplement
Brand Equine America
Chilled No
Target species Horse
Route of administration Oral
Batch R0104
Expiry date Jan 31, 2022
Units per outer box 0

Instructions for use

Feeding Directions: For a 500kg horse; 10ml per day, into the horse’s mouth onto the back of the tongue.
Feed 1.5 to 2 hours prior to exercise or event. Maximum; 30ml per day, divided into 3 servings.

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