Summerfit 90 pcs 15 kg

Summerfit 90 pcs 15 kg
Nr. PAV91581
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Many horses and ponies need little or no concentrated feed. But forage alone doesn’t contain enough vitamins and minerals for their daily needs. Pavo SummerFit is a tasty biscuit that provides a day’s dose of vitamins and minerals, but without the extra energy and calories of concentrates. This is because a single 165 g biscuit per day (half a biscuit for ponies) meets your horse’s needs. In addition, the biscuits contain minimal protein. They make an ideal addition to a forage diet.

Important characteristics

1 biscuit = daily dose of vitamins and minerals 
no surplus calories for all breeds 
in all seasons


Ideal for horses and ponies that:
spend all day on pasture 
need little concentrated feed for one reason or another
could use extra vitamins and minerals, for example after illness


Vitamin levels (per kg): Vitamin A 78.125 IE, Vitamin D3 13.500 IE, Vitamin E 1.900 mg, Vitamin B1 200 mg, Vitamin B2 200 mg, Vitamin B6 135 mg, Vitamin B12 2.000 mcg, Vitamin K 15 mg, Pant. zuur 90 mg, Choline 1.900 mg, Folic acid 57 mg, Niacin 250 mg, D-Biotin 3000 mcg 

Minerals and trace elements (per kg): Calcium 1,6 %, Phosphorus 0,4 %, Sodium 0,6 %, Potassium 1,4 %, Magnesium 1 %, Copper 130 mg, Iron 630 mg, Zinc 630 mg, Manganese 450 mg, Cobalt 2,0 mg, Selenium 2,2 mg, Iodine 4,0 mg

Feeding advice

Horse 200-300 kilo: 0,5 Brikett
Horse 300-600 kilo: 1 Brikett

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU PAV91581
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