Sucralfaat Sirupus Simplex FNA 500ml Suspension

Sucralfaat Sirupus Simplex FNA 500ml 250g Sucralf/400ml Gluc
Sucralfaat Sirupus Simplex FNA 500ml Suspension
Nr. 28026


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Sucralfate Sirupus Simplex FNA 500ml 125g Sucralf/400ml Gluc

Sucralfate is supposed to have a triple mode of action:

1.    Direct inhibition of the action of pepsin and bile
2.    Formation of a complex with proteins exudated by the ulcerous lesion that binds to the ulcer site to establish a local protective barrier
3.    Blockade of the diffusion of gastric acid and pepsin across the barrier

The combined therapy of sucralfate with antacids, H2 receptor antagonists or proton pump inhibitors, does not alter or influence the efficacy of sucralfate, although it is advised to set the administration apart in terms of daily timing.

Sucralfate stays for the largest part (+95%) in the gastrointestinal tract and the few percent that get absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract have a short half-life.

Route of administration and dosage
For oral use
Dosering: 40ml/500 kg 3dd

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 28026
Tax Class 6%
Brand Grovet
Route of Administration Oral
Active Ingredient Sucralfate

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