Sorbalgon 10 x 10cm sterile

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Soft dressing
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Hartmann - Sorbalgon 10 x 10cm sterile

A soft gelling alginate dressing composed of textile fibres of calcium alginate. It is a highly conformable dressing ideal for managing cavity wounds. When it comes into contact with wound exudate or blood, a gel is formed by the exchange of calcium ions in the dressing for the sodium ions in the wound fluid. 

This gel provides a supportive, protective environment for the development of granulating tissue while managing excess exudate.
Do not use in wound where the base is not visible.

The dressings are available in three different sizes for a need-based and economical use.
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Nr. 9998957
Brand Hartmann
Chilled No
Legal status of supply OTC
Batch 900423114
Expiry date Jun 30, 2024
Units per outer box 50
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