Sedalin injector 10 ml

Acepromazine 35 mg/ ml in a paste for oral use
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Acepromazine 35 mg/ml


Sedalin injector is for sedation for horses.

Dosage and administration

Oral use. For moderate sedation: 0.15 mg acepromazine/kg body weight. The dose may be varied to administer between ½ and 1 ½ times the above recommendation according to the level of sedation required, i.e. for mild sedation, administer half the recommended dose and for deeper sedation, administer 1 ½ times the recommended dose.

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Nr. 50008
EAN 3605874175280
Registration number Cascade
Brands Vetoquinol
Cooled No
Active Ingredient Acepromazine
Route of administration Oral
Withdrawal period Niet toegestaan voor gebruik bij paarden die voor menselijke consumptie bestemd zijn.
Ingredients Acepromazine 35 mg/ml
Batch number 9E0926L
Batch expiry date Mar 31, 2022
Units per outer box 12
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