Prequine Zanabol 3000 gr.

Prequine Zanabol 3000 gr.
Nr. 1000179
Natural anabolic, composed to burn fat and build up muscle Read more



1.000 g contains:

Creatine monohydrate: 600 g
Dextrose: 310 g
Gamma oryzanol: 10 g

Feed additives per kg:

Sensory additives:
Apple flavour: 30 g
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin C    E 300: 30 g
L-Carnitine: 20g

Crude protein: 61,4% (in DM)
Crude fat: 0,6% (in DM)
Crude fibre: 0,0% (in DM)
Crude ash: <0,1%(in DM)
Moisture: 10,2%


Complementary feed for horses and ponies.
Prequine® Zanabol is a highly palatable feed supplement containing gamma oryzanol, creatine
and L-carnitine.

Gamma oryzanol is a rice bran oil derivative with two major active components; sterol and ferulic acid.
Both components assumedly stimulate the body’s endocrine system, resulting in increased fat metabolism and protein synthesis, thus leading to increased lean body mass.

Creatine monohydrate rapidly increases muscle mass. After oral intake, creatine monohydrate is metabolised into phosphocreatine, which plays a major role in energy metabolism: phosphocreatine donates its phosphate group to ADP, to rapidly regenerate ATP (ADP + P → ATP) An increase in intracellular phosphocreatine concentrations makes muscle cells less dependent on anaerobic glycolysis, the process in which lactate is produced.

L-carnitine, by facilitating energy release from fat, has a positive effect on stamina and resistance to fatigue.

Directions for use

Prequine® Zanabol can be used as a top-dressing or mixed with feed.

Horses: 30 – 90 g daily
Ponies: 30 g daily


Do not use in animals with known renal dysfunction

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 1000179
Tax Class 21%
Brand Prequine
Active Ingredient Creatine monohydrate 600 g, Dextrose 310 g, Gamma oryzanol 10 g
Withdrawal period None
Target Species Horses