Platinum Performance Equine 11.34 kg

Platinum Performance Equine 11.34 kg
Nr. 53084
Platinum PerformanceĀ® Equine Wellness and Performance Formula is a comprehensive nutritional foundation formula for all horses. Read more


Platinum Performance® Equine Wellness is a veterinarian-developed formula, delivering omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and trace minerals to support every aspect of horse health and performance including joints, muscles, hooves, skin & coat, digestion, and much more

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 53084
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Brand Platinum

Ground Flaxseed, Stabilised Rice Bran, Cane Molasses, Dehulled Sunflower Seed, Flaxseed Oil, Soya Flour, Soya Protein Concentrate, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Carbonate.

Additives per kg
Nutritional Additives: Vitamins: Vitamin A 92,694 IU, Vitamin D 11,469 IU, Vitamin E 5,644 IU, Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) 2,013 mg, Pantothenic Acid 322mg, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) 194 mg, Niacin 146 mg, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine Mononitrate) 119 mg, Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 112 mg, Folic Acid 73 mg, Biotin 18 mg, Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 0.35 mg. Trace Elements: Zinc Chelate of Glycine Hydrate 3,716 mg, Manganese Chelate of Glycine Hydrate 4,698 mg, Selenomethionine produced by Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3399 (Selenised yeast inactivated) 3,113 mg, Cupric Chelate of Glycine Hydrate 427 mg, Potassium Iodide 6.5 mg, Cobalt Carbonate 13 mg, Choline Chloride 4 mg. Amino Acids: L-Lysine Monohydrochloride 8,456 mg, DL Methionine 64 mg. Technological Additives: Bentonite-Montmorillonite, Antioxidants - Tocopherol rich extract of natural origin.


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Instructions for use

Should not exceed 3% of total ration. Feed in addition to the regular complete feed. Directions for use must be carefully followed. Servings based on average horse weight of 453 kg.

Horse Weight  Number of (66g) Scoops/Day
68-159 kg (150 - 350 lbs) 0.5 - 1
160-318 kg (353 - 701 lbs) 1 - 2
319-998 kg (703 - 2,200 lbs) 2 - 4