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Supplementary animal feed

Electrolytes mix for horses
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When sweating, your horse looses a lot of fluids but also a lot of important electrolytes such as calcium, sodium, potassium and chlorine. Pavo E'Lyte is intended for compensation for the electrolytes loss in case of heavy sweating. The Pavo supplements contain only natural ingredients that ensure that the horse likes them and therefore guarantees that all active elements are absorbed, Its easy to feed: you just mix the right amount of pellets with the daily feed.

Important characteristics

Before and after intensive performanceIn
In high temperatures
When sweating heavily  


Sport horses that sweat heavily - particularly in eventing, endurance, driving,dressage, jumping and racing


Vitamin levels (per kg): Vitamin C 4.000 mg

Minerals and trace elements (per kg): Calcium 0,7 %, Phosphorus 0,3 %, Sodium 9 %, Potassium 4 %, Magnesium 1 %


The recommended daily dose is 50g for ponies (300kg) and 100g for horses (600kg). If you give Pavo E'Lyte before the work, your horse can build up a reserve of fluids and electrolytes. A shortage of electrolytes will occur less often and the disturbed fluid/electrolyte balance will recover much faster after the work. 

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Nr. PAV91556
Registration number Supplement
Brand Pavo
Chilled No
Target species Horse
Batch 08182723905
Expiry date Feb 28, 2020
Units per outer box 0
Ingredients Alfalfa , sodium chloride, wheat middlings, dextrose, magnesiumacetate, potasium chloride, vegetable oil.
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