Nexmectin paste syringe 1 pc

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Oral deworming paste for horses containing 18.7 mg/g ivermectin.

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Audevard - Nexmectin filled syringe 1 pc

Oral deworming paste for horses containing 18.7 mg/g ivermectin.
Can be given to foals and pregnant mares.

Indications for use:

Treatment of infection with nematodes or arthropods such as:

  • large strongyles
  • Small strongyles
  • Ascarids
  • Oxyuris equi
  • Skin nematodes
  • Botflies

The syringe contains 7.49 g of deworming paste, which is sufficient to treat a 700 kg horse.

Not permitted in mares producing milk for human consumption.



More Information
Registration numberREG NL 123111
Active IngredientIvermectin
Target speciesHorse
Legal status of supplyURA
Route of administrationOral
Withdrawal period34 days
Expiry dateDec 31, 2021
Units per outer box5

Instructions for use

The paste should be given orally. In order to achieve the correct dosage the horses’s bodyweight should be determined as accurately as possible.

The horse’s mouth should be empty of other food before giving Nexmectin in order to ensure the paste is swallowed. The wheel on the syringe should be set to the correct weight. Nexmectin is administered by placing the syringe in the interdental space and depositing the paste on the base of the tongue. Keep the horse’s head up for a few seconds in order to ensure that the paste is swallowed.

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