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  1. Our Quality Manager Renate

    Our Quality Manager Renate

    My name is Renate van Bodegraven and I'm working for Grovet for over 4 years now. I started at the Customer Service where I was able to meet and help many of the customers. Since 28 January 2022 the new regulations regarding 'Good Distribution Practice' for Veterinary Products come into effect, it is important that Grovet can meet these requirements. I saw this as a challenge to develop myself further and I was able to grow into the position of Quality Assurance Manager. In order to ensure that we meet these requirements, I am busy on a daily basis. Quality means, among other things, that transport is conditioned, that the products are stored under the right conditions at all times, that a quality manual is present, that sufficient personnel are trained, That we are sure of the quality of the medication we receive, etc. In fact, quality comes into play in all processes within the company.

    I really enjoy being involved in all aspects of

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  2. LAUNCH - Psyllium 8 kg

    LAUNCH - Psyllium 8 kg

    Supplementary feed for horses.

    Black Psyllium BIO - Psilli nigrum Semen - Plantago afra is also known as flaxseed. These seeds expand when they come in contact with water and will produce mucilage. They are organic and high in quality, so no insecticides, pesticides and heavy metals.
    Especially for horses with, or under suspicion of sand the gastrointestinal tract. The psyllium seeds will form a jelly-like mass when it comes in contact with water and binds accumulated sand in the intestines to the feces and leaves the body when the horse defecate.
    Black Psyllium – Psilli nigrum Semen is extremely suitable to administer via a tube. The process of transforming the seeds to a jelly-like substance will take some time so the tube wouldn’t get clogged easily.

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  3. LAUNCH - Vitamin E + Selenium

    LAUNCH - Vitamin E + Selenium


    Supplementary feed for horses

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  4. Highlighted product: Bentovet Plus Paste

    HIGHLIGHTED PRODUCT - Bentovet Plus Paste

    Bentovet Plus Paste helps protect and restore the balance of the hindgut.

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  5. Great visit at Altano Gruppe

    Sabrina and Koen had a great visit at Altano Gruppe in Dülmen (DU) last week.

    Thank you for having us, we looking forward to a great cooperation!


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    Marketing employee, Esmé Blankestijn

    My name is Esmé Blankestijn and since December 2021 I am working in the Marketing team at Grovet.
    I graduated as a paraveterinairy and after 7 years of working in practice, I wanted something different.
    In my daily life I can be found between the horses and on social media. I have my own jumping horse that I’m training and I also have a big Instagram account, that’s why I decided to switch from Veterinary Assistant to Marketeer.

    And I like it a lot!

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  7. Grovet Event Calendar

    Grovet will be attending the following events.

    We look forward to meet you there!


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  8. Demo Day

    Our account manager Jantine was together with David Bond from Paniolo giving a demo at Dierenkliniek Den Ham. The leg splints and other products of Paniolo are new in our assortment.
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  9. Price change shipping costs

    From 28 January 2022 the new GDP regulations will be in force. At Grovet, quality is one of our top priorities and we are constantly working to optimize this procedure in order to fully comply with these regulations. This will further improve the quality of the delivery of your orders.

    From 1 April 2022 our new shipping and postage rates will be in force, see below what this means for you.

    Click here to see all the changes.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Kind regards,



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  10. Final presentation on colic in horses.

    Merle made her final presentation on colic in horses for her course in laboratory animal science and veterinary assistant. Bonpard nutrition was part of her presentation. 

    Bonpard Colon is specially developed for horses to compensate for chronic digestive disorders of the large intestine, possibly resulting in colon colic. Bonpard Motility is specially formulated for horses to compensate for chronic insufficiency of the small intestine resulting in recurrent colic due to excessively hard manure or blockages. 

    Meet Merle: 

    I am Merle Vanendert, 18 years old. I'm doing 7th specialization year employee laboratory animal science and veterinary assistant in Sint-Jozef Geel.  I did my thesis on colic and Bonpard Colon and Motility were also discussed. It was super interesting to look things up about this! 

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