Myo Power 1200 g

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  • Myo Power 1200 g
Myo Power 1200 g
Nr. 74040
Concentrated high quality protein and glucose formula enriched with L-leucine. Destined to support a healthy muscular development and condition Read more



Myo Power is a complementary feeding stuff for horses destined to support a healthy muscular development and condition. Myo Power contains readily assimilated natural proteins originating from milk and potato in addition to the essential amino acid, leucine. With its original protein formula, Myo Power supplies 18 different amino acids contained within in its orignial protein formula. Myo Power is particularly recommended for young and athletic horses where a healthy muscular development and condition is important. Likewise, horses requiring the re-establishment of a healthy muscle mass.


MYO POWER use is recommended for:
- Young horses undergoing early training and athletic horses requiring an optimal muscular conditioning, at the  beginning of the season, after a period of rest or during competition periods.
- MYO POWER can also be used for foals with a high growing rate, convalescent horses with muscular loss and older  horses.


Glucose, Potato protein 30%, Calcium caseinate with lecithin 20%. Additives/kg : Aromatic substances: L-Leucine 59 900 mg 


The recommended daily dose for horses (500 kg) is 75 g for 3 weeks, then 50 g for 2 weeks. For  foals and ponies the daily dose is 50 g for 3 weeks, then 25 g for 2 weeks. 1 scoop is 12.5 g. It has to be mixed with feed and it is better to administer after intensive exercise.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 74040
Tax Class 9%
Brand Equistro
Route of Administration Oral
Active Ingredient Calcium caseinate with lecithin, L-leucine, Moisture, Sodium.
Withdrawal period None
Target Species Horses
Quantity 1200 gr

- Grondstoffen: aardappel eiwit, glucose, calcium caseïnaat lecithine.
- Analytische bestanddelen: Ruw eiwit 45,3%, Vocht 8%, As 7,5%, in HCl onoplosbare as 4,4% Vet bruto 1,4% Natrium 1%, Vezels 0,5%.
- Additief (per kg): aromatische stoffen: L-leucine 59 900 mg


Additional Information

Instructions for use


- Paarden: 75 gram per dag gedurende 3 weken, daarna 50 gram per dag gedurende 1 maand.
- Veulens en pony's: 50 gram per dag gedurende 3 weken, daarna 25 gram per dag voor 1 maand.

Het product EQUISTRO MYO POWER ® bevat geen ingrediënt dat positief getest wordt tijdens een dopingcontrole.