More Muscle Pellets 3kg

More Muscle Pellets 3kg
Nr. EA273-UK
For optimum muscle capacity and condition.
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Equine America - More Muscle Pellets 3kg 

More Muscle  is a powerful extract of Rice Bran supplement that helps to increase muscle capacity and condition,
transforming your horse’s ‘top line’ in a month.

More Muscle should be used in preparation for the show or dressage season, to prepare a youngster for sale, or to provide daily strength to the show jumper,
eventer or racer with optimum muscle capacity for maximum power.

Available 3kg -30 days supply & 10kg  100 servings 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Tax Class 9%
Brand Equine America
Target Species Horse

Soya Hulls (from genetically modified sources), Maize, Rice Bran,
Micronised Linseed, Soya Bean Meal (high protein),
Spirulina, Whey Powder, Sodium Chloride.


Additional Information

Instructions for use

Feeding Directions: For 500kg horse; 100g per day (may be divided between feeds).
Do not exceed 100g per day unless under professional advice. 50g (approx) measure enclosed