MILACLAVE Large Bore Extension 13G 17,5cm

MILACLAVE Large Bore Extension 13G 17,5cm
Nr. 8590M
MILACLAVE Large Bore Extension 13G 17,5cm Read more


Large Bore Extension Set 8590M

with stasis valve, clamp, 360° spinner luer lock, and tethered cap - 13Ga x 18cm (7in) - Priming Volume: 1.00ml

Extensions with Stasis Valve

  • Neutral displacement valve prevents blood reflux into the catheter when connecting and disconnecting syringes/lines.
  • Does not require clamping to control valve induced reflux.
  • Closed, needle free valve with a flat, swabable top for easy disinfecting.
  • Fully visible, clear housing facilitates visualization of entire fluid path during priming and flushing.
  • Saline flush option reduces risk, cost, and time associated with Heparin use. Heparin not required.
  • Higher flow rate than Microclave.
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 8590M
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Brand Mila International