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AST - Meloxidolor 20 mg/ml, 100 ml

Le Vet Pharma
Solution for injection containing meloxicam.
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Meloxidolor 20 mg/ml 

Solution for injection for cattle, pigs, and horses containing meloxicam.
Horses: For the alleviation of pain and inflammation of acute and chronic disorders of the locomotory system. Can also be used for the alleviation of colic pain.

Withdrawal time:
Cattle: meat 15 days, milk 5 days
Pigs: 5 days
Horses: 5 days
Not for use in horses producing milk for human consumption.

More Information
Registration numberREG NL 111257
BrandLe Vet Pharma
Chilled itemNo
Active IngredientMeloxicam
Target speciesCattle, Horse, Pig
Legal status of supplyUDA
Route of administrationIntramuscular Injection (IM), Intravenous Injection (IV), Subcutaneous Injection (SC)
Withdrawal periodVlees en slachtafval: 5 dagen
Units per outer box0
Ingredients Meloxicam 20 mg

Instructions for use

Cattle:  Administer a one-time subcutaneous or intravenous injection containing 0.5 mg meloxicam/ kg body weight (this corresponds to 2.5 ml/100 kg body weight). Can be used in combination with a suitable antibiotic or oral rehydration therapy, if necessary.

Pigs: Administer a one-time intramuscular injection containing 0.4 mg meloxicam/kg body weight (this corresponds to 2.0 ml/100 kg body weight). Can be used in combination with a suitable antibiotic. If necessary a second administration of meloxicam can be given after 24 hours.

Horses: Administer a one-time intravenous injection containing 0.6 mg meloxicam/kg body weight (this corresponds to 3.0 ml/100 kg body weight).

The rubber stopped may be punctured a maximum of 20 times.

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