Lactafree II 10 x 50 gr

Lactafree II 10 x 50 gr
Nr. 956255
Lactafree II delivers essential nutrients to those processes where the release of cellular energy takes place and hence giving optimum support to horses involved in intensive exercise and performance. Read more


- When muscle acidification/ tying up
- During periods of high physical stress
- To promote muscular flexibility
- Muscle fatique
- Damaged muscle cells
- during competition and training
- Transport

No side effects are known, neither local not systemic. Lactafree is not allergenic, nor teratogenic in the long term.

Dosage and route of administration
1 sachet (50gr) 1 x per day (at least 3 hourd before the effort) in the food.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 956255
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