Intra-Epicaine 2% 6 x 10 ml

Intra-Epicaine 2% 6 x 10 ml
Nr. 100018
Mepivicaine indicated for infiltration, nerve block, intraarticular and epidural anaesthesia in horses Read more



Mepivacaine hydrochloride 0.2 mg/ml


Mepivacaine is indicated for infiltration, nerve block, intra-articular and epidural anaesthesia in horses.

Dosage and administration

Full aseptic precautions should be observed when injecting the product.

For infiltration: as required but as a guide 2-5 ml
For nerve block: 2-10 ml depending on location
For intra-articular anaesthesia: 5 ml
For epidural anaesthesia: 4-10 ml depending on the depth and extent of anaesthesia required.

In all instances the dosage should be kept to the minimum required to produce the desired effect. The depth and extent of anaesthesia should be determined by pressure with a blunt point, such as the tip of a ball point pen, before commencing manipulations. The duration of action is about 1 hour. It is recommended that the skin should be shaved and thoroughly disinfected prior to the intra-articular or epidural administration.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 100018
Tax Class 9%
Brand Dechra
Active Ingredient Mepivacaine Hydrochloride 0.2mg/ml
Withdrawal period Not applicable
Target Species Horses
Registrationnumber REG NL 120154