Hypozin 100 g

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Thrush treatment tool
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Hypozin contains a very high concentration of zinc oxide, in contrast to zinc ointment (zinc ointment contains 10% zinc oxide). The zinc oxide component has a drying effect and offers protection from the effects of body fluids (urine and feces in the stables). 

The balanced formulation of essential ingredients is to ensure the specific effect of Hypozin.

Apply a layer Hypozin to the cleaned area. This will dry and disinfect the treated area. This treatment shall be repeated daily until a satisfactory result is achieved.

Good alternative for the Cavalor Dry Feet CA82990903

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Nr. 99915
EAN 1443299915000
Brand Multicore
Chilled No
Target species Horse
Legal status of supply OTC
Route of administration Topical
Withdrawal period 0 days
Batch 2020/C
Expiry date Mar 31, 2025
Units per outer box 25

Zinc combination - slightly astringent - drying and moisture floating - anti-itching / cooling - algae and fungus resistant - disinfection

Demi water - prevents unwanted reactions with the metals and raw materials by acid that have been from the water - reduces the risk of bacterial spoilage

Glycerine - added to medical preparations for smoothing and soothing effect

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