Equality - Hyalusol, 10 x 8 ml

Equality - Hyalusol, 10 x 8 ml
Nr. 1000033
Hyaluronic acid and essential oil of eucalyptus for environment aerosol.
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Hyalusol for use in Nebuliser

Mixture of three molecular weights (between 50 kDa and 1000 kDa) of 0,5% hyaluronic acid, eucalyptus essential oil 0,1% in isotonic solution.

Box of 10 single dose strips of 8ml.
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 1000033
Tax Class 9%
Brand Equality
Active Ingredient Hyaluronic acid, Eucalyptus oil
Target Species Horse
Kanalisatie VRIJ

Additional Information

Instructions for use Liquid for use in conjunction with nebuliser.

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