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Horsecrocz size M - black
Nr. HCZ0010
For multiple hoof ailments Read more



Horsecrocz are designed to be used multiple times, but they are also useful for multiple ailments. The most popular use for horsecrocz is as a protective cover for poultice dressings when your horse has an abscess. There are a few more uses:

They make a comfortable. solid base for a horse who is tender on its feet, making manoeuvring about the yard and stable a lot more comfortable.

Bruised soles or tender hooves
Mich like Laminitis, they help with most tender foot conditions. Horsecrocz allows the horse to step out comfortably where it couldn't before.

Horsecrocz are designed to always be used over a paddad covering such as a disposable nappy, or similar, to give an added layer of protection to the heel area. It makes a very useful, muli-purpose addition to your equine first aid kit.

Hoof measurement taken side tot side acrous the broadest part of the sole and add on 1/2 inch for the dressing.
Small - ca. 8,5 - 12,5cm
Medium - ca. 11,5 - 14cm
Large- ca. 14 - 20 cm

This product is now Vet- way / Vet-Strider 

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Additional Information

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Brand Horsecrocz
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