Fungatrol Spray 500 ml

Fungatrol Spray 500 ml
Nr. EA233B-UK

A topical leave-on spray for healthy skin and hooves in horses & ponies

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Equine America - Fungatrol Spray 500 ml

A ‘leave on’ water-based spray containing anti-fungal and anti-bacterial ingredients with added coat conditioners. 

After washing the horse with Fungatrol Shampoo, spray all over to maintain healthy supple skin.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Tax Class 21%
Brand Equine America
Target Species Horse

Additional Information

Instructions for use

For application to the skin: Spray daily on the skin. Do not rinse off, but allow to dry naturally.

For application to the hooves: After thoroughly cleaning the frog and sole, spray daily on the whole area and allow to dry.