Magna Poultice (20 oz/1,25 lb) 567 gr

First Priority Care
Expiry date:
A decongestant poultice for strains, sprains and bruises for external application on horses and cattle.
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A green poultice made of Epsom salt and “Ben-Gay”. Magna-Poultice is a decongestant poultice paste with osmotic action for strains, sprains, and bruises for use on horses and cattle. 

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Nr. 990200
Registration number N/A
Brand First Priority Care
Cooled No
Target species Cattle
Legal status of supply OTC
Route of administration Topical
Batch A47L
Expiry date Dec 31, 2020
Units per outer box 0
Ingredients Magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt), methyl salicylate in a water soluble base.

Instructions for use

Apply locally as a poultice (without rubbing) to acute swellings, sprains, contusions, acute mastitis or swollen glands. May be repeated within 24 hours, as indicated.
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