Equipalazone pasta 36 g

Equipalazone pasta 36 g
Nr. 26012
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Phenylbutazone 1 g per unit dose


Equipalazone 1 g oral paste is indicated in the treatment of musculosketal disorders in horses and ponies where the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of phenylbutazone can offer relief, for example, in lameness associated with osteoarthritic conditions, acute and chronic laminitis, bursitis and carpitis.


Not be used in horses intended for human consumption.

Dosage and administration

Each marked division is equivalent to 1 unit dose.
- Horses: 450 kg bodyweight: 2 unit doses twice on a day one. 1 unit doce twice daily for four days followed by 1 unit dose daily on alternate days.
- Ponies: 225 kg bodyweight: 1 unit dose on alternate days.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 26012
Available in week: 11
Tax Class 9%
Brand Dechra
Active Ingredient Phenylbutazone 1 g per unit dose
Withdrawal period Do not use in horses intended for human consumption.
Target Species horses
Registrationnumber Cascade
Units per outerbox 24