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Equip WNV 2 x 1 dose

Expiry date:
Registration number:
NL: REG NL 100926

Is the registration number of your country not listed? Then this product falls within the cascade control system.

For the active immunisation of horses of 6 months of age or older against West Nile virus (WNV).
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For the active immunisation of horses of 6 months of age or older against West Nile virus (WNV) disease. This immunisation reduces the number of viraemic horses after infection with WNV lineage 1 or 2 strains and reduces duration and severity of clinical signs against WNV of lineage 2 strains. The package contains two single-dose (1 ml) pre-filled type I glass syringes closed with bromobutyl rubber tips and corresponding needles.

Instructions for use

Administer the entire content of the syringe (1 ml), by deep intramuscular injection in the neck region, according to the following schedule:

  • Primary vaccination course: first injection from 6 months of age, second injection 3–5 weeks later
  • Revaccination: a sufficient degree of protection should be achieved after an annual booster injection with a single 1 ml dose although this schedule has not been fully validated.
Inactivated West Nile virus strain VM-2, SP oil, minimum essential medium (MEM), phosphate buffered saline.
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