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Equinesports Veterinary Manual, 2nd edition

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Manual that discusses the withdrawal times of more than 175 therapeutic substances in equine sports (FEI, IFHA, EHSLC etc.)
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The equinesports veterinary manual discusses the pharmacokinetics of equine medication available today and applicable international regulations. It advises on the therapeutic effects and the consequences these substances may have on withdrawal times for competition. It explains and discusses the most relevant international competition regulations of the international regulatory bodies (FEI, IFHA, IFAHR, FEQHA, AQHA, ARCI, USEF, CPMA, WADA), laboratory outcomes (EHSLC, RMTC) and the European policies on veterinary medication. In this edition they have also elaborated on the regulations and risks concerning nutritional supplements.

A.V. van Weezel Errens MVSc
ISBN: 978-90-8570-391-4

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