Equimins - Epsom Salts, 1.5 kg

Equimins - Epsom Salts, 1.5 kg
Nr. EQS0740
Equimins Epsom Salts is a valuable source of magnesium sulphate, which is an electrolyte that is essential for optimal functioning. Read more


Magnesium is the second most abundant cation in intracellular fluid and is an essential body electrolyte. It is a co-factor in numerous enzyme systems and is involved in phosphate transfer, muscle contractility and neuronal transmission. The body contains about 25 mg of magnesium per kg of body weight, approx 60% of which is found in the skeleton.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Tax Class 9%
Brand Equimins
Route of Administration Oral
Active Ingredient Magnesium sulphate
Target Species Equine
Ingredients Magnesium sulphate

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Instructions for use

Ponies: Two level measures added daily to the feed
Horses: 2-3 measures daily
Large Horses: 4 measures daily