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Equi-MedAg wound Dressing Mini Roll (1M)

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Activated carbon and silver wound dressing for treating wounds
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Equi-Med activated carbon and silver wound dressing  incorporates a layer of 100% activated carbon fabric with silver. This fabric has very effective antibacterial properties, as the surface of the carbon has a permanent electrostatic charge which attracts bacteria from a wound or from the horse's skin into the carbon structure where they are retained and killed by silver. Antimicrobial testing carried out by Lincoln University has scientifically proven the fabric to be very effective at capturing and killing bacteria associated with veterinary wounds (Pseudomonas aeroginosa) and skin diseases such as mudfever (Detmatophilus congolensis). Removal of bacteria from the horse's skin reduces the risk of bacterial skin disease such as mudfever or cracked heels. Removal of bacteria from a wound promotes a healthy wound environment which can accelerate wound healing and reduce the risk of granulation tissue. This fabric has also been shown to reduce swelling.


- Ideal for large and small animal wounds
- Easy application
- Can be cut to size from the roll
- Perfect addition to all first aid kit.

The Equi-Med activated carbon and silver wound dressing comes in 100cm & 200cm rolls at 10cm wide and can be used for treating wounds of both small and large animals. It is provided in a dispenser box, where the roll can be pulled out and pieces cut to size, ideal for dressing small wounds. Alternatively the roll can be used to dress large wounds or skin diseases such as mud fever/pastern dermatitis, by applying the dressing straight from the roll to the affected area. This unique dressing is the only dressing that leaves the activated carbon/silver layer exposed allowing the activated carbon (the black side) to be applied directly to the wound. The advantage of using the activated carbon directly on to the skin means the antibacterial action is much stronger as it can work directly onto the wound.

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Chilled itemNo
Target speciesHorse
Expiry dateApr 7, 2023
Units per outer box0
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