Equi-Globin 2,5 ltr.

Franklin Pharmaceuticals
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Equi-Globin 2,5 ltr.
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A complete natural iron blood tonic specially formulated for foals, yearlings and adult horses. Contains natural iron and protein in a high energy syrup base. Equi-Globin is an effective appetizer and food supplement indicated for use as a dietary additive during training, racing, pregnancy, nursing and convalescence.
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Nr. 62158
Registration number N/A
Brand Franklin Pharmaceuticals
Cooled No
Legal status of supply OTC
Route of administration Oral
Batch 8445
Expiry date Jul 31, 2020
Units per outer box 6
Ingredients Protein 10% w/v, Total Carbohydrates 55% w/v, Iron 25mg.100ml. Calcium 4mg/100ml. Sodium 330mg/100ml, Folic Acid 25mg/100ml, Vitamin B12 400mg/100ml, Alanine 0.85% w/v, Arginine 0.41% w/v, Phenylalanine 0.69% w/v, Glutamin acid 0.84% w/v, Isoleucine 0.06% w/v, Lysine 0.88% w/v, Proline 0.32% w/v, Threonine 0.34% w/v, Tyrosine 0.22% w/v, Aspargic 1.14% w/v, Cystine 0.07% w/v, Glycine 0.46% w/v, Histidine 0.71% w/v, Leucine 1.31% w/v, Methionine 0.08% w/v, Serine 0.42% w/v, Trytophane 0.12% w/v, Valine 0.95% w/v
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