Vertargil Green Clay 2,5 kg super fine powder

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A natural clay for both internal and external use

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Vertargil Green Clay

Green clay is a living, intelligent substance whose effect has never been simulated in a laboratory.

Vertargil cleans, mineralizes, supports the body in the initiation of regenerative processes and harmonizes the overall ecology of the body. When used externally, clay can promote health. Green loam is very rich in minerals and cleans the connective tissue and intestines.

Green clay from Vertargil is an active clay, verified by university laboratories, which, when exposed to sunlight, deprives it of its strength and becomes very active. This activation will persist for years as a supplementary animal feed, the purified loam is taken, which has been stripped of all sand and other impurities. Green loam is a living substance, rich in minerals, traces and enzymes.

External use:

Green clay is used externally, among other things, to protect the skin of the tail and mane. However, use on irritated skin is not without risk and should be applied with care (if in doubt, consult your veterinarian). If the clay stays in place for too long, waste products can "knock in". The vertargil clay should never be left in place for more than 12 hours; the hardened clay must then be removed from the skin.

Internal use:

Vertargil Superfine can be mixed with the food as a powder (not in a metal container). This green clay is rich in minerals and contributes to the cleansing of the stomach and intestines.

Instructions for use

Only use rain, spring or mineral water. Tap water can contain chlorine, which affects the functioning of the green clay.

Pour the desired amount of loam into a bowl or bucket and allow the loam to settle for some time without stirring. Drain the excess water and the paste is ready to use.

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