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Vertargil Green Clay Coarse 2500 g

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Natural clay for extern use
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Vertargil Green Clay Coarse 2500 g

What is green clay?

Clay is a compact, fatty, moist earth that is also used by potters and comes in various colours including red, green, yellow, brown, grey or white.
Each type has its own properties depending on the region or depth at which it is found. Green clay has been verified by a university laboratory as an effective clay
that absorbs sunlight and takes energy from it, becoming highly active. This activation lasts for many years. Purified clay that has been stripped of sand and other impurities is used for oral ingestion and is available in different types of ready-made packages under the name Vertargil.

Green clay is a living substance, rich in minerals, spores and enzymes, that is used in naturopathy as a natural treatment alongside such substances as loam, peat and mud.
Ancient medical documents by Avicenna, for example, have shown that clay was used as a skin cleanser and for treating wounds in prehistoric times. And primitive societies in Africa, America and Australia still eat clay to combat diarrhoea, nausea or stomach pain. 

Vertargil has been used both here and abroad for many years already:
• to supplement and support naturopathic practices.
• for skin treatments and slimming regimes.
• for sports injuries that require rapid healing.
• in animal, plant and tree medicine.

Research into the properties of green clay is far from conclusive and it is assumed that many more applications are possible than currently known, including the neutralisation of harmful radiation as a result of the clay’s absorbent properties.

The effects of Vertargil

Green clay contains healing minerals such as aluminium oxide, aluminium, iron, silicon, calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium, as well as trace elements of hydrogen, titanium, chlorine, phosphorus, carbon, manganese and sulphur. It is rich in enzymes that stimulate the absorption of minerals and vitamins. The high level of silicic acid is beneficial for the interstitial tissue, hair, nails and low blood pressure.

Vertargil coarse can't be used for internal use, for external use only.

External use

Green clay is used external in cases of thick legs, wounds and to protect the skin of the tail and mane.
Use on wounds and damaged skin is not without risk and be used with care. If the clay remains to long waste from the wound can "set within" and cause an infection. The clay should never be longer than 12 hours on the area, the hardened clay should then be removed.

Aluminium oxide, aluminium, iron, silicon, calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium, as well as trace elements of hydrogen, titanium, chlorine, phosphorus, carbon, manganese, sulphur and enzymes
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