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Stomacare pasta 50 g

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GB 226 0273

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Help to coat the stomach walls and encourage their regeneration
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Twydil Stomacare contains: fatty acids extracted from linseed oil, dried apples, palm oil, magnesium oxide. It also contains vitamin E, butylhydroxytoluol and chicory.


Twydil Stomacare is a complementary feed for horses which may help to soothe the stomach and coat its lining.


Depending on the condition of the horse, one or two mouth syringes per day for one month, squeezed onto the horse’s tongue. Should be given after the light morning meal and before exercise.

Instructions for use

TWYDIL® STOMACARE PASTA Depending on the case, one or two mouth syringes per day for one month, squeezed onto the horse’s tongue.
TWYDIL® STOMACARE PASTA To help soothe the stomach. Erratic appetite. Loss of weight. Yawning during meals and teeth grinding. Composition : Mixing of refined oils, chitosan glucosamine fibres, permitted emulsifiers, magnesium trisilicate, antioxidants, flavours.
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