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Hippacan + C 50 g

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Minimises the effects of effort and improves recuperation after work
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Maltodextrin, galactodextrin, plant extracts

Complementary feeding stuff for horses. A concentrated source of adaptogenic and anti-oxidative substances, a powerful regulator of natural vitality.Helps extend endurance and recuperation, and aids the natural immune response system.


One 50 g sachet per horse per day added to the ration during minimum 10 days.
In preparation for a long journey: 2 sachets per day for minimum 10 days.

Instructions for use

FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS One sachet per day, mixed in the feed ration. Minimum ten days of treatment. Long journey : 2 sachets per day.
Each sachet contains active principles from more than 25 grammes of Eleutherococcus senticosus, MAXIM. root material (an Asian bush which produces a wide range of adaptogenic substances)as well as 10 g of pure vitamin C.
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