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Calmin 50 g

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Vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and amino acids with glucose, specially formulated for excitable or hyperactive performance horses
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Vitamin E, tryptophan and other micronutrients and trace elements.


Excitable and hyperactive high performance horses. Assists digestive and muscular well-being of the horse.

Feeding instructions

To be mixed with the daily ration:

First time: 1 sachet of 50 g per day for three weeks.
Next time: 1 sachet per day for ten days prior to competition.
Must not be given to endurance horses for the three last weeks before competition.

Anti-doping certificate. Officially certified can be used without risk up to the day of the competition.

Instructions for use

FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS 2 sachets per day for the ten last days prior to competition. 1 sachet between six to twelve hours before the start of the competition. Should be given as the ONLY vitamin/trace mineral supplement during this period.
Vitamin E, tryptophan and other micronutrients and trace elements
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