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Troy 1050 gr

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Supplementary animal feed

Nutritional supplement for horses 

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Disclaimer: Product in the photo may differ from the actual product.

Troy is a natural product

Troy 100% power of nature pure plan-& herb-based nutritional supplemnt for horses. 
Troy is more focused on providing energy and muscle growth and provides the body in a natural way of all the nutrition, which a body in training needs. The product ensures to reduce the production of acidity in the muscles during exercise (so also a reduction of muscle soreness). 

Increase the oxygen in the body, which gives more energy and power.

Formulated to comply with FEI regulations, the rules of the BHA and the "EU regulations".

Instructions for use

The best result from Troy, will be realized when it’s taken 2 times per day (morning and evening). Each intake is 2 measure cups. Please do realize that every horse is different and unique, so you can adapt this system to your own experience and feelings. The most important thing is that the horse has a minimum intake per day of 2 times 2 measure cups, or as directed by a veterinarian. One should not exceed an intake over 100 grams. (1 measure cup contains 10 - 12 gram)

Soluble fibres
Amino Acid

No fillers or unnecessary mass are added to the product.

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