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IronXcell 10 L

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Supplementary animal feed

IronXcell is a premium Iron Enriched B vitamin syrup.

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TRM IronXcell
Top performance horses need dietary supplementation of B complex vitamins and iron, as these nutrients are needed for red blood cell (RBC) formation and important metabolic and digestive functions relating to exercise. IronXcell will supply these nutrients to fortify and strengthen performance horses, which will ensure that their full athletic potential is expressed in competition.

B Complex vitamins
Water-soluble vitamins include the B complex vitamins and vitamin C. Since B vitamins are not soluble in fat; they are not stored to any great extent in the body.
Therefore, daily production or supplementation of these vitamins is required. B vitamin supplementation is warranted in the performance horse due to the consumption of a high grain / low forage diet, which limits the ‘natural’ production of B vitamins in the hindgut. Clinical B vitamin deficiency signs are rarely reported in the horse, however, the absence of classical vitamin deficiency signs does not necessarily imply optimal vitamin status. Performance horseshave higher demands for B vitamins because a) their diet is very energy dense and b) they have a greater turnover of red blood cells. B vitamins are needed for carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism. If there is insufficient B vitamins, then the conversion of chemical energy to mechanical energy from ingesta may be inefficient in the performance horse. As a group, the B vitamins may be divided into two major subgroups, (1) those that act as cofactors in the release of energy from food and (2) those that act in the formation of nucleic acids and red blood cells. Since the B vitamins are directly involved in either energy release or red blood cell formation, their supplementation is fundamental in the hard working performance horse.

Instructions for use

  • Horses in training: Feed 60ml daily
  • Yearlings: Feed 30ml daily
  • As a general tonic: Feed 60ml daily

Sorbitol, Dextrin

Composition per 1 L:

3333 mg Niacinamide
2500 mg vitamin B1
1333 mg Pantothenic Acid
1250 mg vitamin B2
417 mg vitamin B6
333 mg Folic Acid
8 mg Biotin
2500 mg vitamin B12
2500 mg E1 Iron (as Ferrous Citrate)

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